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Pepper Village
June 10, 2016

Verbally harassed

I was going for my usual run one evening. I was passing by a hardware and I heard a male voice shouted "I wanna beat up that tight pussy!" Followed by a group of male voices laughing. I felt scared, but I continue for my usual run. I had to be more alert of my surroundings when I go for my run.


Poem by our very own Hollaback! Trinidad and Tobago founder

Be a Better Man  Be a better man You think you gonna get her  With your leers, car honking, and shouting sexy! I don’t want to hear  Your words laced with lust While I walk towards the pharmacy It’s MY body Not yours to leer at Not yours to shout sexy! Not yours to say … Continued

Mother hacked to death and daughter chopped

In recent news, Trinidad and Tobago have been experiencing horrific crimes especially against women. Recently a 31 year old mother was hacked to death with a cutlass by a man she was about to marry in a couple days. Her daughter tried to intervened, but was also chopped on her hand. The aftermath resulted in … Continued