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Why Some Trinbagonian Women Accept Street Harassment as Compliments

There are some women and girls in Trinidad and Tobago would not accept being harassed on the streets, while other women and young girls may accept it street harassment. At one time, after I gave a presentation on street harassment, a Spanish teacher told me to ignore what the harassers tell me. It may sound … Continued

Men Leering At Me

I was walking towards the pharmacy when I saw a few men in a pick up van was smiling, leering and one stuck his tongue out while watching me. I left disgusted.

Poem by our very own Hollaback! Trinidad and Tobago founder

Be a Better Man  Be a better man You think you gonna get her  With your leers, car honking, and shouting sexy! I don’t want to hear  Your words laced with lust While I walk towards the pharmacy It’s MY body Not yours to leer at Not yours to shout sexy! Not yours to say … Continued

Mother hacked to death and daughter chopped

In recent news, Trinidad and Tobago have been experiencing horrific crimes especially against women. Recently a 31 year old mother was hacked to death with a cutlass by a man she was about to marry in a couple days. Her daughter tried to intervened, but was also chopped on her hand. The aftermath resulted in … Continued

Nude photos leaked: 500 females ‘exposed’ in online porn ring scandal

In light of recent news about the naked photos leaked that were secretly photographed and sold to pornographic websites. Over 500 photos of young women were leaked through social media and police believe it to be a pornography ring. Hollaback! Trinidad would like to empathize with the victims of this horrendous act and state that the … Continued

Verbally harassed

I was going for my usual run one evening. I was passing by a hardware and I heard a male voice shouted “I wanna beat up that tight pussy!” Followed by a group of male voices laughing. I felt scared, but I continue for my usual run. I had to be more alert of my … Continued