Nude photos leaked: 500 females ‘exposed’ in online porn ring scandal

In light of recent news about the naked photos leaked that were secretly photographed and sold to pornographic websites. Over 500 photos of young women were leaked through social media and police believe it to be a pornography ring. Hollaback! Trinidad would like to empathize with the victims of this horrendous act and state that the posting of explicit content without someone’s consent is part of a larger systemic issue – that is, misogyny, sexual assault, and rape culture.

We as a society tend to view women’s body s sexual objects and commodities, and to shame them for their sexuality and this idea plays into revenge porn. These young men who committed this heinous act took away the right of those young women and teenage girl’s right of owning their own bodies and displayed it publicly on the internet.

The posting of these pictures is a form of sexual violence, whereby these girls’ nude photos were humiliated and being distributed is unwanted exploitation.

Finally, these victims fell into the rape culture. Rape culture means that a society or culture normalizes sexual violence and blame the victims for their behavior. Sadly, there are people who would blame the abused and not the abuser.

Once again, Hollaback! Trinidad empathizes with the victims of this horrendous act. Publishing naked photos of young girls occurs on a daily basis and it is classified as rape culture and viewing girl’s bodies as sexual objects and possessions.




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