Poem by our very own Hollaback! Trinidad and Tobago founder

Be a Better Man 

Be a better man
You think you gonna get her 
With your leers, car honking, and shouting sexy!
I don’t want to hear 
Your words laced with lust
While I walk towards the pharmacy

It’s MY body
Not yours to leer at
Not yours to shout sexy!
Not yours to say hello darling in a bedroom tone of voice
Not yours to think of my naked body

Be a better man 
Don’t be a trendsetter
So respect me and other women who walk the streets

Don’t be bitter because I didn’t answer to hey sexy

Don’t be bitter because I didn’t answer to your demanding tone of voice telling me MORNING
What is it you want?
I’m sick
Emotionally tired of your catcalling!

Be a better man 
What you did was harassing women on the street
It’s disrespectful 
It’s more like I’m treated as an object
So be a better man


By Cherry Boodhan

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